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Oct 13, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup: 9-24

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9-25: Cats are overdone in the comics, but they are so odd that it's hard to avoid sometimes. And they are fun to draw.

9-26: The creepy old hobo is back with some soggy grapefruits. We had a grapefruit tree in the backyard where I grew up, and I set up a booby-trap that would release a boxful of soggy old grapefruit down on the head of anyone that tried to get into my tree house. Nobody ever tried though. I had another trap that shot an arrow at anyone that got too close to the tree, and I
very nearly killed my dog with it. Close one!

9-27: Is it clear that he's taking down the wet paint signs and putting up the dry paint signs? I wasn't sure.

10-1: This is the face you have to make when doing a British accent:

10-2: I've been to several karaoke places recently for some reason, but I never sing. I just haven't found the right song yet. They never have 'Banana Phone'.

10-3: I figured someone would complain about the
dog chess comic, but nobody did. Maybe I should have made them sword-fighting.

Love Mail! Hello Mr. Carrillo, My husband reads in the shower daily by holding a paperback book with one hand and standing just far enough away from the water to not get the book wet. The pages are turned using his thumb. I really got a kick out of your Oct 5 comic panel so much that I sent him a copy of it to his office. I enjoy reading your comic panels everyday, keep up the great work.

10-7: You know, I've done several comics with religious themes, but nobody has ever complained. In fact, they are usually popular. This comic looks a lot better online than it did in print. It was too dark in the papers, but I think it looks really nice on the computer.

10-8: A lot of people liked this monster comic. The question I didn't try to explain (and no one actually asked) is, who are these monster-removal guys? Can you find them in the phone book?

10-9: I recently took part in a market research group. I gave my opinion on some insurance ads. But I could see the researchers behind the one-way mirror because some lady kept opening a door and letting light into the other room. So I kept smiling and winking at them.
Ever since I did my first market research group, I've been paranoid about public mirrors in bathrooms, hotels, etc. Just a little something new for you to worry about.

10-10: Clocks... Only one person noticed the Pearls Before Swine clock on the wall.

10-12: Va-va-va-voom!

10-13: Does anyone remember the show Ducktales? Scrooge McDuck had a money room where he swam around in gold coins. Well I'm here to tell you, that wouldn't work.
And what about the show TaleSpin? What was the deal with that show? A cargo-pilot bear (Baloo) and his orphan buddy that gets pulled behind the plane on a wakeboard try to avoid Air-pirates. What? They don't make cartoons like they used to.

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alirara said...

I love DuckTails and the theme song for it is amazing. Instead of swimming in money though I would rather swim in Jello. Wouldn't that be weird!?

Tony said...

Duck-Tales... Whoo-ooo

The Middle Knox said...

Wow, I feel like a kid again!
I immediately thought of DuckTails when I saw that comic and I thought, "I wonder if he did that on purpose." And ya did! Awesome.

Timothy said...

lets not forget Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers... Chip-chip-chip-chip n' dale!

Jeff said...

I was thinking Duck Tails too when I saw this...Nice Tony, I love it!

parsifal said...

Wow, you're really good at drawing womens' legs! I've been sitting here staring at that comic for seven minutes.