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Jun 11, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup 5-28

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Tuesday: I heard F Minus was picked up by the Idaho Falls Post-Register and that got me thinking about potatoes. I love when anything gets me thinking about potatoes.

Wednesday: What I like about this comic is that everyone is so happy. I think most of the people in my comics are not happy. Therapy time!

Thursday: I've fallen in love with the Creepy Old Bum, and so has the nation. For extra points, can anyone tell me how many comics he's been in now?

Saturday: This comic stars my beautiful girlfriend Lindsay, who has been giving me the stink eye for a while now because she has never been drawn into a comic. I was saving it for a special occasion! Happy birthday, Linz! (My girlfriend is not currently seven years old; this comic stars Lil' Lindsay) Incidentally, I've had several summer birthday kids tell me that this comic meant a lot to them. I myself am a winter baby.

Sunday: I like drawing "historical" comics, but I don't like doing research. So the results are often disastrous.
I spent a long time trying to get these uniforms to look right, and I finally had to look up a picture of an archer. I think they turned out pretty good. I've been thinking about getting a crossbow, by the way.

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1 comment:

Joe said...

Hhhmm... I'll try to avoid the obvious comparisons between Lil' Lindsay (a child version of your girlfriend) and Little Billie (a child version of my girlfriend), but if you add a puppy sidekick... I'm going to need to take legal action... jk. :)