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Jun 29, 2007

These things write themselves.

Every morning I read the newspaper (East Valley Tribune). It helps me come up with topics for cartoons. But sometimes I find something that seems like it's already supposed to be a joke. Like this ad I found today:

Look at that stupid kid! He can't hit a thing! They actually show him swinging and missing. What a loser. This product is for the Dad who is tired of chasing pitch after pitch, not to mention chasing the dream of an athletic son. I think this makes me laugh so much because that was definitely me in little league. Here's my slightly altered version of the same ad:

I think this is a little more accurate.

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Aaron said...

that was priceless :D

Tobias Schwarz said...

The poor kid. Just found your cartoons, fantastic!

Alan Bradford said...

That is hilarious. Much funnier than any of Jay Leno's headlines. I didn't know anyone still subscribed to the East Valley Tribune anymore. Maybe I'll give it another glance...