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Aug 1, 2009

Tony Cooks an Egg

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Shannon said...

Hey, I'd eat it.

Very funny. Thanks for posting.

Raquel said...

You forgot egg-xistential!!! I'm glad you tried it, it's something I think about every single time I walk outside & my skin begins to melt off my bones, Thanks.

Sweet Lou said...

Wow, that vid was hilarious... when are they going to have you write for a tv show? Or have they called and you turned it down because it was beneath you? Good for you, Tony!!! Don't let Hollywood change you!

Lou (listening to 99 Luftballuns, great song)

Jeff said...

Funny Video Tony. I doubt we'll ever see those temperatures up here in Duluth, MN. Sadly they do not carry the strip up here in the newspaper. But, I still can read it online!

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is the use of "turkey" bacon. It has a distinct faux-bacon look.

Kudzai Kativu said...

This was the funniest thing in the world! I live here in AZ too (in Surprise), and always wanted to try it. I hear if you try it on the hood of a car, you get some real result in July.