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Aug 5, 2009

Hot mug of Pearls

If you look closely at today's Pearls Before Swine comic, you'll notice a shout out to F Minus from my friend Stephan Pastis. I got to meet Stephan at the Reuben awards (the Oscars of cartooning) in Orlando. I think we ended up hanging out with each other because we are both under 100 years old. (Haha, just a little joke, other cartoonists.)
We are pictured here with our book editor, Erin. Behind us in the crowd you can spot the sprightly Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) and Bill Keane (Family Circus). This was right before Stephan and I challenged them to a vigorous game of beach volleyball.
You might have noticed some of Stephan's characters in one of my comics from a while back:
Stephan has a blog too.

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1 comment:

Jeff said...

That is pretty cool Tony, I didn't realize most of the people who are behind these comic strips were high in their age. So your saying it will be only F Minus and Pearls in 30 years on our comic pages.