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Aug 14, 2009

Children? Not a fan.

With all the angry emails I get about just about every topic, you'd think a comic showing children in danger would generate an angry response. However, comics like the one above have always received the opposite reaction. This just reinforces my theory; People don't like children!
There have been a few exceptions. For instance, the mower incident from back in June. But I feel like he was more unhappy about the improper use of a lawn mower than the safety of the children.
The only other occasion I can think of was in response to this comic from way back in 2006:

This was the letter I got:

"I feel compelled to comment on today's (Sunday, November 5, 2006) strip. Normally I enjoy the humor, but today's was in poor taste. Anything having to do with children playing with, or being put in plastic bags - or laminated in plastic - should not be joked about.
That said, keep up the good work with a great, witty comic strip."

I don't know how to feel about complimentary hate mail... it gives me confused feelings.
Nevertheless, I can't completely ban a topic from my cartoon because of angry emails. If I did there would be nothing to cartoon about. People can get upset about anything.

Hey... are those the same kids in both comics? Weird.

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Chris said...

Thats awesome Tony, people are just stupid.

Antonio said...

Anything having to do with children playing with, or being put in plastic bags -or laminating them in plastic- should be good a joke, especially when you see it in a comic strip.

I just felt compelled to comment on this moronic comment about the (Sunday, November 5, 2006) strip.

Kudzai Kativu said...

Lololol... Those are the Same Kids in both comics!

Jake said...

i love f-minus :D