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Aug 4, 2009

Tea-Time Clown Tattoo

This might be the greatest thing I have ever seen.
In March of 2008 I published a comic featuring a guy named Mikey (based on my tattooed brother) regretting his tattoo choice: Tea-Time Clown.
Today I received a message from the owner of a tattoo shop in Vancouver, Canada. He told me that the cartoon was popular with his customers, and also with his tattoo artist friend.
In fact, he liked it so much, he created a tattoo flash with some alternate Tea-Time Clown tattoo designs.
His designs include a Tea-Time Clown in a race car, a Tea-Time Clown as royalty, a sad Tea-Time Clown with a broken teacup, and of course a standard Tea-Time Clown, as seen in my comic.

This was enough to make my day, but then it got better... I present to you, an actual Tea-Time Clown Tattoo!
The owner of this awesome Tea-Time Clown tattoo now has the perfect answer when someone asks the question "Have you ever done anything you really regret?"

I couldn't be more proud.

Tattoo by:
Cohen Floch -Tattoo Union, Vancouver B.C.

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Jeff said...

That is pretty wild! I'd love to see Temporary Tattoos of these Teatime Clowns.

TheBigLife said...

wow. just, wow

Antonio said...

Tea-Time clown tatoo would make a great T-shirt too.

Chet said...

I've never considered getting a tattoo, but the Tea-Time Clown with the broken teacup may win me over.

roxanne said...


Cohen just tattooed tea time clown (on the teapot) on my forearm. I'm sure there will be photos to come.