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May 20, 2009


We received many entries to the F Minus Day contest, and randomly selected a winner from those who answered all the questions correctly. I'm proud to announce the winner is....
John in Florida!

John will receive an F Minus hat, the new F Minus book, and a drawing of the winner in F Minus style!
John also gave the most accurate and elaborate answers. Here's his answer to question number three:
Which comic featured the first appearance of ROBOBOT?: Wow what a loaded question. Well the first mention of ROBOBOT was on May 25 2008 where the Robobot movie was out and two kids walking out were complaining about the singing. Who knew it was a musical? Interestingly that robot looks eerily familiar to the canopener bot in September 27 2006 comic which later dances the Charleston on Sep 12 2007. It was not quite Robobot (this one had a round head while ROBOBOT's is clearly flat and it is also missing the square panel on his chest). But you can't deny that ROBOBOT (flat top and square chest and all) is destroying the neighborhood as wished by Tommy on Sep 30 2007. So that is the first appearance of the same looking robot, he just didn't have a name yet. I'm a big fan your robots.
Wow... I didn't even know all that. Good job, John!

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