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May 20, 2009

Ready, set... sweep!

Does anyone remember a little show called Battlebots? Simply put, it was a tournament of homemade lawnmower-sized remote controlled robots battling to the death, coupled with witty commentary and scientific information provided by Bill Nye the science guy. Yes, it was the greatest show ever, and I have no idea why it was cancelled.
In any case, it just fed my love for robots and robot-based competition.

That's why when I recently received a Roomba, I felt the need to test his floor cleaning skills against my other robot, Robosapien, in a no-holds-barred floor-cleaning competition to the death. In the end, Roomba swept circles around Robosapien in no time. While Roomba quickly and effectively cleaned the floor with a cheery disposition, Robosapien just pushed the dirt back and forth pathetically. Granted, floor cleaning is Roomba's primary function, so it wasn't really a surprise. However, I must give Robosapien a few extra points, because it's somehow more satisfying to watch a little human-shaped robot doing your chores than an oversized hockey puck. I guess what the world is waiting for is a bot with the effectiveness of a Roomba combined with the the comical cuteness of a Robosapien. Back to the drawing board, scientists!
Robosapien still dances much better than Roomba.

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1 comment:

Alex said...

Don't forget : we must treat well our robots... because someday, if somehow they feel opress, they'll destroy all humans.

for exemple :
watch Battlestar Galactica