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May 27, 2009

I knew it should have been a burrito...

I really thought the hands-free burger device was golden, but it's only getting three and a half stars. I have a love-hate relationship with this rating system. I think I'm going to try to ignore it for a few weeks. If I don't, I fear it will soon drive me mad. Mad I tell you!

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Chet said...

Had it been a burrito you would have gotten a lot of "that's pornographic!" responses. Way safer with the burger.

Mark J. said...

Cult classics need time to develop. I gave it at least a 4.5. I liked it!

Alex said...

Hey I like this new header... show you alter ego, the great Robobot?

Cory said...

Yeah, that rating system can mess with your emotions when think you've hit one out of the park.

Jeff said...

Once I can get one of these for $25, I may have gotten one...now that I have $25 (Thank you!) I can wait for this to come along!