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Sep 4, 2008

Spoke too soon

The other day I mentioned that no one has complained about a human being dying in my comic. Well, that streak has ended. First thing this morning I get an email from a disappointed reader...
"Your efforts were in very poor taste as to the subject matter. Anything that implies involvement in suicide, regardless of intent is callous and inappropriate."

Sigh. In my opinion, there is no subject that can never be joked about. It's all about how it is done. But more importantly in this case, the comic makes no mention of suicide. There may be a lake below the cliff, sufficiently deep for jumping. There might even be the world's biggest pillow. It's all up to you, the reader, to make it what you want.
So technically... I've still never had a complaint about death in my comic, since this comic does not refer to death.

Of course if there is a giant blender at the bottom of the cliff, it's a different story.

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Lindsay said...

I love how people find everything you do hilarious until you happen to make fun of their special cause/pet/cereal.

"It was OK when you were making fun of Raisin Bran, but with this Fiber One comic you've gone too far."

Lucky said...

I'm disappointed that you don't know better by now. When are you going to understand that we only want comics involving chickens crossing the road jokes, visual representations of knock-knock jokes, and cats that hate Mondays but love lasagna. Sheesh!

Alex said...

We're not talking about casual suicide here. No, just take a look ate the way they're doing it. It's just funny.

I like this one, and I just think about this old joke my mom told me. We are making fun of "proverb" and not "real people killing themself".

A comic about Quotation Marks, how funny it is?

Jeff said...

I thought of people jumping off of a mile-high cliff. But the use of a classic story made it funny, I found it acceptable since that was tied in.

On Another note, the souvenir comic was priceless! Who would get a Minneapolis lamp anyway? Wait...I just figured out what your "Welcome to MN" present is Tony!!!

Tanner said...

I must say that F-minus has changed my life. Before F-minus my life was inadequate, now my life is still inadequate however at least once a day I get a good laugh from reading your comic. It is thanks to you and your genuine sense of humor Mr. Tony Carrillo that I myself do not jump off a cliff! People who get angry at your jokes usually don't understand them! And as natural selection pertains we should allow the misunderstood to walk off the cliff to better the species! Good Day! I also want to do a podcast about how much better my life has been since being immortalized in comic land!