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Sep 12, 2008

The mundane details of my day

First I accused a lady at the bank of having an accent. She seemed irritated by this, but then admitted her father was from Romania. Get over it, lady. You picked up an accent.

While driving down the freeway, someone threw a cigarette out of their car and it hit my windshield. I immediately pressed the button on the shift stick. It doesn't actually do anything, but in my mind it fires a rocket at the car in front of me.

I was noticing the nerdiness of some nerds at the coffee shop. Then as I was leaving, they complimented my shirt, forcing me to acknowledge my own severe nerdiness.

Finally, my soda told me "You are not a winner." It seems that only Coca-cola has the guts to level with me. I threw it away.

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Lucky said...

If Coke had guts, it would have put "You're a loser!", instead of "You're not a winner."

Canuck Gamer said...

What does the shirt say?

Lindsay said...

sounds like you really don't have a reason to get up in the morning. love, your girlfriend.

Antonio said...

I wish my days were more like yours.
At what point of your day do you get to doing any actual work?

Alex said...

dont you get it antonio?
this guy work all day look, witnessing people weird behavior and drawing it for F Minus...

He's like... a watcher...
a watchmen ?

Arun said...

hehe! and how many of these 'mundane' days doya have in a week?! :)

Alex, yeah makes sense ! 4 ideas in one day for the strip !

and yeah what did the shirt say??!!

Antonio said...

Alex,that ain't workin'...we gotta move these refrigerators and install microwave ovens, but Tony gets paid fo' nothin' and gets his chicks for free.


Ahahahahaha!! Oh my gosh, you rock so hard it's not even funny.

I mean like, it is, funny, and that's the cause of said rocking.

I mean, what's for dinner?

Jimbo said...

Hi Tony- It might not be a good idea to push that button on the shift while on the highway... It's the "O/D Off" button, which essentially takes away your upper gears for when you're driving in the city. Turning off the overdrive while traveling at high speeds can ruin your transmission.

Tony said...

No I'm just pushing the button that releases the shift so I can switch to a different gear. It's not the O/D off.