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Sep 3, 2008

Could be worse.

Hey buddy, how ya doin? Is your day going okay? Worried about paying the bills or getting that promotion? Relationship troubles? Maybe you feel a cold coming on, or you've been having trouble sleeping?

Hey, look on the bright side. At least this hasn't happened yet:

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Lucky said...

You're right. I was feeling down, out and like football was more than a day away, until I saw this clip. I now know how good I really have it. I realized that I could turn off that God awful song anytime I wanted. So it's all not that bad. But honestly, this is the global warming they're all talking about, right? I guess I'll go buy a Prius and recycle some toilet paper or something.

Alex said...

At least, I hope Bruce Willis will be here to destroy the meteor...

And those who survive this will live under big black cloud of dust.

And you know what coming out the debris ? The Machines !

MIGGO said...

You've inspired me to make it a point to go out today and get two Mahi Mahi fish-tacos from Chongo's.

Thank you.