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Sep 9, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup: 9-1

Click here to read the comics from September 1st through the 9th

9-1: Several librarians wrote me praising this comic. The comic includes a little bonus joke about bookmarks, but I don't know if anyone under 18 remembers the phrase "Be kind, rewind". I guess I'm getting OLD!

9-2: I wonder how many Jennifers are in a one mile radius at any given time. Makes you want to name you kid something like Rastleflam.

9-5: I think the most disturbing juxtaposition of all time was when Bob Dylan showed up in a Victoria's Secret commercial. Whose genius idea was that?

9-6: This comic caused a lot of confusion and some incredible interpretations. Here are some possibilities sent to me by a fan:
-Two old men who are wealthy but perhaps empty and shallow decide late in their life to do soul searching, and of all things, about something to buy. With the irony being they're next to the fireplace (symbolizing hell).
-The older men were conservatives and liked to buy American and that the waiter was referring to imports that the man had bought in his soul searching. Thus the hypocrisy.
-It was a play on words and that he had been searching for a soul. (possibly the soul he was purchasing was that of the Asian waiter).
-The man had been shopping for something his whole life and had finally found it, but he was now old.
What do you think?

9-7: This one's already been talked to death.

9-9: Weird timing on this one, huh? Fans might remember The World's Worst Grandpa from a comic back in January.

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Abe said...

I think one of my favorites is the one from 9/8. Something about racing babies, making them fight, or something. I'm so going to have to use this line next time some of my friends show off their kids.

Prophet of Pwnage said...

The soul-searching one, I thought it was obvious - searching is the pun, so he's saying it like refridgerator-searching or something. The waiter and everything else shows how rich they are...god, analyzing comics sounds so dumb, I can't believe I just did that.

PS today's comic was great! I am printing it out with my new color printer.

Prophet of Pwnage said...

also the 9/9 comic was great!

alirara said...

I love the World's Worst Grandpa cartoon. I show it to everyone. Ah I love F-. I still remember the first one I ever saw. In the Az Republic, the one with the guy who looked like a snowman and those kids were building a snowman. I love it My friend and I laughed for like 20 min. We cut it out and taped to the back of our chemistry teachers computer moniter.

Forge said...

You have a weird since of humor. I like it. "Old Grapefruit on a stick"....Whose mind works like that. LOL