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Sep 5, 2007

Comics I Don't Understand

I found a great website recently, Comics I Don't Understand. It's a blog where people can go to post and discuss comic strips that have confused them. There are several F Minus comics on there. Some of the explanations that some people come up with are absolutely hilarious. So far, on each F Minus comic that has been posted, there's at least one person that gets it right (sort of). Some of them seem absolutely sure they've got the answer, and they couldn't be more off. I love that F Minus is a frequent visitor. If it gets to the point that my comic is easily understood by all, it's time to quit.
I've gotta say, it takes some guts to post something on that site. It's a pretty bold move to publicly admit that a comic strip has gone over your head.
At first I was tempted to post an explanation for each of my comics on the site, but I think it's more fun to let the discussion continue.
I also got one comic in a special section called The Ewww Files.

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Jeff said...

Thats a cool site, it was funny to hear people's take on some of the F's, especially the popsicles one! Thanks for sharing the link with us.

chezwyk said...

A: To have 'comics i don't understand' .com in your bookmarks says something about who you are.
2: To be counted among the ewww jokes (for that comic especially) is, in my humble opinion, a badge of honor.
and Last: The Popsicle Twins? Are you kidding me? You'd have to be pretty F-ing old to bring up something like that. And haven't we established that Tony *isn't* old? That he in fact *hates* *all* *old* *people*? I for one, agree with Tony. Hey, thats my dad's name.