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Sep 28, 2007

Can I see some ID?

Today I received my official membership to the National Cartoonists Society. It even came with an identification card. I'm not sure what it's for, but here are some things I'm going to try to get by showing this card:

  • Free movies
  • Free small popcorn at free movies
  • Discount rates at all state parks (Void in Tennessee)
  • Access to 'Employees Only' section at any business
  • Free medical care
  • One extra week for all library book check-outs
  • Half-price Rooty-Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity at participating IHOP restaurants
  • Magicians must reveal their secrets to cardholder
And finally, I think it should get me out of one speeding ticket every year.

One problem. Did you notice anything wrong with the card? My last name is spelled wrong. It says Carillo. There are supposed to be two 'R's. Here's a little memory crutch for my last name:
"Double R, double L; If you can't spell it, go to hell."
I know, it's a little harsh, but it rhymes. And it's easy to remember. Actually, my name is more often spelled Carillo (one R) than any other way, including the correct way. Notice the spelling on this poster from the Reuben Award Weekend in May: It might be a little hard to see, but it's another single R situation. That was the NCS too. But here's the weird thing, on the envelope the membership came in, my name was spelled correctly! Go figure.
Any other suggestions for what I should try to get with my card?

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Kyle said...

you should try to gain access to crime scenes, and if that fails, senior discount at the home deopt

brian said...

Use it to stop the war! And also get a free ice cream on your birthday.

Timothy said...

Phone numbers....

Timothy said...

Access behind the yellow tape at accidents/crime scenes...