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Sep 8, 2007

Beautiful Northwest North Carolina

Hey all,
There's an article about F Minus in the Winston-Salem Journal right now. They are testing out F Minus for about a month I think. They also have a web-poll, so make sure you vote for F Minus. Or, you know, whoever you want... (wink!)

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chezwyk said...

The F-Word is spreading like wild fire. I'm really happy for you, Tony. It couldn't have happened to a better man. I love your outlook and your attitude. Wrist Strong, Brother.

Generic Dave said...

ColoradoCam posted this about your story,
"From his quotes in this story I picture a tall chubby guy with glasses who wears glasses a bit too small for his head. That image is enough for me to vote for him."

I think it's weird that he channeled an image of me instead of you!