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Dec 4, 2009

Bare bear man.

I did a lot of life drawing in college. This means a group of twenty or so students would sit in a circle around a naked person and draw them for a few hours. Often, the same model would come in for every class, and we would do many drawings every session. I would end up with over a hundred drawings of the same person. Needless to say, this became tedious.
Once I had finished drawing the model, I would add various elements to the background of the drawing for my own amusement. A busy highway, a sewer system, or in this case, a bear:
Fast forward several years to today. I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this photo:
The similarities are remarkable. Sure the man has gone gray, and managed to wrangle himself some pants, but it's clearly the same couple. They don't seem to be getting along like the used to, unfortunately.

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