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Nov 28, 2009

Complete your shopping in 5 minutes.

I'm about to save you countless hours of frustration. F Minus books are your one-stop shop for taking care of everyone on your gift list; naughty or nice! How about that hard-to-buy-for uncle? New baby? Old grandpa? It doesn't matter, the F Minus books have you covered. How about something for the boss? Circle the comic that reminds you of him/her before you wrap it.
It's also the perfect white elephant gift. In fact, you should probably buy an extra one just in case. You never know when your neighbor/babysitter/mailman/mistress is going to unexpectedly buy you something. Be prepared!
Get the latest book or the first book at a bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

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Lori said...

You are a true humanitarian, Tony. thanks for improving everyone's holiday season with your thoughtful idea... okay, I'm done. But, I will buy one though!

♥LaLa♥ said...

shameless :P

Guy said...

The two books directly to the right of the Simpsons book look pretty good too.