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Dec 10, 2009

Don't eat red snow

You may have seen the color version of today's comic. Here is the original:
Please disregard the color version.

Although I liked the explanation from one commenter: "The bazooka IS made with snow---stained red by the blood of that dude's enemies."

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Leterren said...

Oh dear. Yeah, I've heard that Scott Adams also has problems with editors screwing up comics by putting in wrong colors. And one time something very similar happened to Gary Larson.

Jeff said...

I am glad I saw the B/W version first. But the red gun seems pretty intense. Still funny both ways.

toeknee said...

or he made it took it home painted red went back out to freak everyone out. i never gave it too much thought until now. tony tony tony, don't blame your editors because they are color blind, blame your readers for not something something...

infinite lines on paper said...