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Nov 9, 2009


This year I was the skeleton king for Halloween. No, it's not a character from something, I just made it up. Some little trick-or-treater came up to me and said, "Hello, Skeleton King!" as if we were old friends. That's what I like about kids. They don't sit there trying to figure out what movie you are from. They just see a skeleton king and accept it.
I was happy with my Jack-o-lantern this year but I forgot to take a picture before it got kind of squishy. This was my favorite decoration this year:
And here is a photo I took today:It's the only Halloween decoration still out, and I'm starting to think it might be a year-rounder.

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Eric Olsen said...

ah Tony, once again securing your status as role model in my life.

♥LaLa♥ said...

Year-rounder, for sure.

Jeff said...

Keep it out, I hope to see it the next time I come to Tempe! Nice costume too.