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Feb 24, 2009

You have one year to attack me

Last week I successfully tested to brown belt in my Kung Fu class. That means that in about a year, I will test to black belt. At which point I will be taught this move:
If you're interested in martial arts, I highly recommend the Chinese Shaolin Center. There are multiple locations around the country.

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Lindsay said...

so. hilarious.

that guy is so flammable!

Chet said...

Congrats Tony! That's a whole lot cooler than the brown belt I wear to keep up my pants.

Jeff said...

Haha, congrats on the brown belt!

Albert said...

Oooo! You like the Chinese Kung Fu? You do the kick and punch to face? I was just at THE Shaolin temple recently. Maybe I can show you my picture next time we're in the same country.