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Nov 12, 2008

Hate Mail Classic

Monday's comic reminded me of a letter I got the day it was published back in January of 2007. I'll share that letter with you now, exactly as I received it. Prepare to be astonished:

"i am a reader of daily comics on line and came across a comic about god talking with a family reunion that had just died because the mans grill polluted the air, that you wrote. well i wish you guys would use your talent and your job to be a positive meaning to our world and speak about things that you know are the truth, but instead you guys (believers of global warming) know hardly anything about global warming and with knowing only a little bit of what truly is global warming you would like this whole world to pay trillions of dollars to pay for something that this world knows little about. global warming as hap pend before and it has happened before and has been proven but everyone for some reason wants to avoid the truth and would like to be a bitch to this world. hundreds of years ago the vikings lived on an island Greenland. it was describes as a green and lush place, hence the world green land. also have you flown in a plane and seen how much land is not used by humans and then flown over a city and see how much a little city can have no affect it has on the area or world around it. i would like for you to write back to see how much you actually know."

Normally I enjoy analyzing a letter like this for you, but with this one... I think this one is funny enough on it's own. Besides, I have to get back to work, being a bitch to this world.

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Sabai said...

ok, now you HAVE to write THAT version of the comic, too.

adora said...

Please never stop being a bitch this world.

Jeff said...

Lol, am I a little slow? I assumed they where killed by an explosion. I suppose both could be plausable but what's up this guys ass. "Tony what do you know about explosions? Explosions happened before gas grills, you big bitch you!:-)

Roni said...

Well, I hope you'll think again next time you write a comic blatantly asking the world to pay trillions of dollars on global warming. After all, it as hap end before AND it has happened before.

How did anyone manage to misinterpret this?

EastwoodDC said...

I assumed the cook killed them with food poisoning by under cooking the food. Doesn't everyone know that gas grills burn cleaner than charcoal?

Jason said...

I think you should not be the poster of peoplse emails to you that contains letters like this. There are very many people on the internets who might get confused and think that F-Minus does support global warming, while we all know the fact to be true that F-Minus has always been against the war, even when you voted for it. We small town good honest real people know this is true, even if the elites and coffee drinking newspaper readers point to the otherwise facts.

Jessica la coquine said...

Don't know pal...
It was obviously an explosion that killed the family.

And as many comics before do, I presume it's St-Peter, not God, who welcome them.

We could write some hate letter about blasphemy...

**cough* bitch ***

Generic Dave said...

Analysis? I don't think you need to try to analyze someone's email diarrhea.
However, I do agree with the reader on your blatant pandering to the small minority called the Global Warming Believers (GWBs). I don't appreciate one bit.
I'm also offended by the man's green shirt in the comic.

Chris said...

That person has some serious issues. I wonder if she even knows were Greenland is.

Jeff said...

Wow there are two Jeff's.

Anyway, I assumed an explosion, but with my Meteorology background, that is even funnier!

Antonio said...

This letter is insanely funny. The scary thing about the person who wrote this is that he or she thinks they're actually making any sense, and that they're so much smarter than a syndicated cartoonist.

By the way I love today's F-minus about the Eskimo husband buying ice.