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Jan 23, 2008

Stop making me think things!

I thought I'd let you all in on something fun. The following is an exchange of emails between myself and an unsatisfied reader (let's call him 'Uncle Crank') regarding the above comic.

From: 'Uncle Crank'
To: tony@fminus.net
Subject: Mon. Jan. 14 - F MINUS

Of all the possible ways to interpret the intended humor in this comic, all are in extremely poor taste.
Please have Tony Carrillo call or e-mail me, in case I missed something.
'Uncle Crank'

From: tony@fminus.net
'Uncle Crank'
Subject: Mon. Jan. 14 - F MINUS

I'm interested to hear your interpretation of this comic,
'Uncle Crank'.

From: 'Uncle Crank'
Subject: Mon. Jan. 14 - F MINUS

The convict is obviously locked up for "deep frying" someone or something other than food. If you wanted the reader to believe it was an object such as
someone else's i-pod, you should have stated as such.
Please advise

From: tony@fminus.net
'Uncle Crank'
Subject: Mon. Jan. 14 - F MINUS

'Uncle Crank',
The comic displays no indication whatsoever of what was put in the deep fryer. The object being fried depends entirely on the imagination of the reader. If you are offended, Mr.
'Crank', then you are offended by your own ideas. If believing that it was an i-pod being fried allows you to enjoy this comic, then I suggest you do so. Any offensive idea you apply to my comic beyond what is actually there is completely out of my hands.
Thanks for reading F Minus!
-Tony Carrillo

I'll let you know if he writes back!

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Howard said...

Ha! Love it!

Sabai said...

'Uncle Crank' made me have to think about why i laughed at that strip in the first place. i don't think i thought of any particular object in general (obviously the point). But, because of 'Uncle Crank', now i'm having terrible thoughts.

except, then he'd probably be writing the letter from a hospital...

Noah said...

Tony, the worst part is that people like this will choose our next president.

melissacup said...

Howard stole my thought, but I have to admit my 1st impression was that of some(one) being deep-fried... and I still found it quite silly. Kudos Tony

Nathan said...

I thought he had tried to deep-fry someone too... but I wasn't offended.
I pictured the event, and call me sick, but it made me laugh..

TheBigLife said...

I thought of a cat...only because a person most likely wouldn't fit in a fryer

Jeff said...

I was thinking that it may of been a person, hamster or something...It was a classic f minus comic (really funny). It's too bad that Uncle Crank didn't enjoy it!

alirara said...

I like it, yes, it was a good comic. I thought of various things he could have deep fried I just found the comic hilarious. Thank you for sharing your great comedic genius with us Tony!

Cameron said...

How is deep frying a person not funny? Every time I've done it I get a good chuckle.

tk said...

Reading the panel again now, after reading the discussion, what stands out for me is the choice of the word 'grave' which struck me as I originally read it, as well.

While I'm here, let me add that Thursday's comic...Talking to one's self...is perhaps the single funniest comic I have ever read. Genius.