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Jan 19, 2008

Hope For America

This comic ran recently:
I wasn't sure anyone would be able to associate with it because it is so specific to my own personal experience. In high school my friend Jordan and I would do exactly this. We'd put a few stones (for weight) in an empty McDonald's cup, tape it to the roof of his car, and drive around the neighborhood. Then we'd pretend to be oblivious as well-intending strangers would desperately try to invent the sign for "cup on the roof". Good times.
As it turns out, we weren't the only ones. I've been getting emails from other bored weirdos like myself. Sean, in Tucson says he's been driving around with a Wendy's cup taped to the roof of his car for weeks. He even send me a picture (By the way, this is exactly the kind of car you should be using to do this): Rod, another reader, does not recommend using epoxy to attach a mug to the roof, because you will eventually want to remove it. Thanks for the tip Rod!
Anyone else out there doing this? Maybe with another item? Briefcase, baby seat, grandpa... the options are limitless!

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threemilliondollars said...


OMG - yes - don't use epoxy glue.


avi said...

I've never heard of that before I saw the comic, but now I really want to try it.

Cindy Carrillo said...

Believe it or not my girlfriend and I did this when we were in high school, in 1971. We used duct tape, of course. It was so funny, and the best part was we met some nice guys. Hey, we were 16 then~~~ After some thought an animal carrier might be good ~ no ~ you would get alot of hate mail for that one! your mom

John Tynan said...

The skull and crossbones add the perfect touch to this prank.

Shane Johnson said...

Even Starbucks enjoys a good prank!


Jordan said...

LOL! Those were good times. Remember the guy crossing Alameda on his bike? He had a hard time pointing at the cup and riding straight. He's lucky he didn't fall into McClintock traffic.

Sean said...

Hey, this is "Sean in Tucson". I was pulled over by the Marana Police Department earlier today for having that cup glued on my roof. They told me I was "wasting my time and theirs" by having the cup on there. I thought this was hilarious, because they were the ones who pulled me over for no reason.

This really is just about the funniest thing you can do in a car, I recommend it to everyone.