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Jun 1, 2011

F Minus on GoComics.com

Be sure to check out the new home of daily F Minus comics at GoComics.com. If you have the old Comics.com site bookmarked, it will redirect to the new page, saving you valuable seconds. Enjoy!

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Christopher Chancellor said...

I'm disappointed that F Minus is switching to GoComics, as they use pop-up ads as a source of revenue; it's rather annoying. This wouldn't normally be an issue for me, as I used to read F Minus in my RSS feed, but GoComics chooses to display an ad in the feed, and you must click a link to visit their site (where they get more ad revenue).

I'm sure it pays better for the content creators, but it's rather annoying for readers (or me, at least).

Tony said...

Sorry about the pop-ups, Chris. Gots to pay the bills, I guess.