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Jun 10, 2009

Hate Mail! Oh mow you didn't...

The following hate mail and my response refers to this comic:
"Your strip for June 2nd:
Showing a father pushing a kid around on a power mower, and making a big joke out of it, is completely uncalled for. If you are a father, do you do that with your own children? I've never seen it done with a push mower, but I do see it once in a while on a riding mower. Do you realize exactly how stupid that is? If the kid falls off and loses a hand or foot will you make a comic strip out of that?"

* * *

"Dear (***),
Thanks for sharing your great comic idea! It's very funny. However, I don't use outside ideas in my comic strip. Many syndicated cartoonists buy comic ideas, so you might want to keep shopping it around.
To answer your question, no, I don't have any children. But if I ever do, I will definitely take your suggestion and let them ride the mower. That sounds super fun!
Good luck with your comic writing career!"
-Tony Carrillo

Edit- He wrote back!

"you are an idiot"

Checkmate, sir. Check-mate.

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Connie Onnie said...

Thank you for sharing your hate mail & your responses, it always makes my day!

Eric Olsen said...

now THAT is your best response to hat(e-mail) so far!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that person cared so much.

He must be a boring father, if he was lucky enough that a woman would allow him to impregnate her.

I bet he pushes his kids around on an ice chest going "vroom vroom".

menzies said...

Way to turn it around, Tony.

(and thank you for the tip to keep submitting my comedy material to other cartoonists)


jeni said...

I definitely see the humor in the comic and wasn't offended. I confess it did make me cringe, though, having known a two-year old whose foot was severed by a lawn mower.

My husband rides our kids around on our riding lawn mower all the time, AFTER he's disengaged the blade. They love it!

derek said...

A snappy comeback AND a delicious pun in the post title? That's a two-fer!

Jeff said...

Classic Hate mail, thanks for sharing!

Al said...

I've always wondered: why do people with no sense of humor even read the "funnies?" I guess I should be glad they do though, because that was hilarious.

Kab00m! said...

True story:

As a young boy, I once came home upset at how some friends had treated me. My father let me drive the riding mower around the back yard like a go-cart. I had a blast. I still have all 11 fingers, too.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, what a moron, what do you expect when you write a cartoonist? I wonder how often he wrote Gary Larson with his "How dare yous!"

Sam said...

Funny thing is, I understand where the guy was coming from. But! If there are people out there who will read such a comic strip and, w/out second thoughts, turn on a lawnmower all the way and put their kids on it - that'll have been an accident waiting to happen. Watching the first few minutes of The Ringer was enough for me to be careful with my mower, yet being able to enjoy humor such as yours. Keep 'em up!