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Jun 10, 2009

Barnes and Noble

Did you miss the last book signing? You know who you are.
You're in luck! I will be at the Barnes and Noble at Tempe Marketplace on Friday, June 19th at 6:30 to sign your book and flip through some magazines. Get yourself the new F Minus book, and pick one up for a friend. Just in time for the holiday season!
Also, for the low price of one dollar, I will judge any book by the cover.

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LaLa said...

Holiday season?

Jordan said...

For one dollar, will you judge your own book by its cover?

Tony said...

I'll judge any book, really.

Antonio said...

The holidays seasons never go out of styles.By the way, fathers day is just around the corner, and a singed F-minus book would make a great gift.

Jeff said...

Hmmm, sounds Tempting...I may take you up on this offer!