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Apr 17, 2009

F Minus Day

Happy F Minus Day! Today is the third anniversary of the national debut of F Minus. There are no set traditions for F Minus Day, but there is one special benefit: You can blame anything on the holiday. Slept in late? F Minus Day! Forgot to pay for some items at the grocery? Oh well, it's F Minus Day! Broke parole by leaving the country? F Minus Day! Fell off the wagon? etc.
In honor of the special day I'm having a contest. The winner of the contest will receive an F Minus hat, the new F Minus book, and a drawing of the winner in F Minus style! To enter, simply answer these trivia questions:
1. What animal appeared in the F Minus national debut comic?
2. Who wrote the introduction for the new book?
3. Which comic featured the first appearance of ROBOBOT?
4. How much do "as is" pets cost?

Email your answers to tony@fminus.net -I will be accepting entries for the next few days. One entry with the correct answers will be chosen at random as the winner.

Have a great F Minus Day! Follow me on Twitter! tonycarrillo

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Chet said...

I already have the new F- book, but if I win another copy, I can read it again! Win-Win.

Jeff said...

Same I have the book as well. It came in handy. But, spreading the F comics around to a good friend of mine would be a good gesture. He's a fan. :)

Adriel said...

I don't have the new book yet, so much for question #2 >=| I'll probably just take a wild guess at it. In fact, the question doesn't ask which "new" book, so maybe any "new book" would work?