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Oct 30, 2008

The New Yorker

I'm in the New Yorker! Well, sort of. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert was interviewed in the Cartoon Lounge yesterday. He is asked to list his favorite current comic strips and he said Pearls Before Swine, Basic Instructions, and F Minus. Cool!
I've never met Scott but I owe him big time. He once just mentioned me on his blog and my hit counter shot through the roof.
Next step: Get the F Minus book in Oprah's book club.

By the way, book 2 is coming. If you haven't read the first book yet, you better get a copy, or the next one will make no sense.

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Jeff said...

Cool Tony!, I will give try to see if I know anyone who knows Oprah to get your book in her hands.

The funny thing is I can picture Oprah Endorsing your book, "Good Afternoon Everyone. Today we have Tony Carillo in featuring his fabulous book F Minus, this is a must have people....Laughter is for the soul, and in fact it is part of my new Diet! So get the new F Minus Book by Tony C....Thanks Tony for coming in today!" And then you magically "poof" into thin air!

Okay I have an interesting imagination...but I am very excited for Book 2 and a possible visit from you guys to MN!

beckbot said...

Oprah! That would be the ULTIMATE! When you go on her show I just have to know... is she really that fake or is she just faking the fakeness?

Anyhoodle, I just found an fminus gadget on iGoogle. You probably know it's there already, but if not, well, free gadget!

It's here:


Chris said...

Nice, I wonder when the next book is coming out. I need it.

Jeff said...

Just don't jump on Oprah's couch. Not because she cares you'd just have to be a real tool to do so:-)