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Oct 25, 2008

New Comics.com

News from the good folks at Comics.com:

We'll be launching a BRAND NEW COMICS.COM website in a few weeks! We've added all sorts of nifty functionality to your favorite cartoons and editorial comics: rankings, comments, save/share capabilities, RSS feeds, widgets, extended archives and best of all: It's all going to be FREE!

That's right, free. And it includes an extended archive for most of our comics.
SURELY THERE MUST BE A CATCH. No catch! You'll just need to register to take advantage of our nifty new features (unfortunately, we can't carry over the registration from the old Comics.com), but registration is free. So stop by, sign up and enjoy your favorite comics and editorial cartoons like never before!

We look forward to seeing you on the new Comics.com

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1 comment:

World's Worst Grandpa said...

Who says "nifty" that much?