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Aug 7, 2008

Ask Amazon

This morning I woke up to a recommendation from Amazon in my inbox:
I guess this shows the accuracy of the Amazon recommendation system, since I've never bought my own book online. Look what else they recommended: Speed Bump by Dave Coverly (I've met him), Collected Stories of Roald Dahl (one of my favorite writers as a kid), The biography of Douglas Adams (one of my favorite writers ever), and Batman... of course.
I wish Amazon would create a magic eight-ball style question and answer feature. Then when I need some direction in my life I could just ask Amazon.
By the way, here's some direction for ya; order the F Minus book today.

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Evil Tofu said...

I wish they'd do matchmaking.

Lindsay said...

I like the life recommendations.
"We here at Amazon noticed that your last Saturday night was spent watching 'Two and a Half Men.' Here's some activities you should probably do instead: 1) Make some friends. 2) Leave your house. 3) Do anything at all other than watch that show."

Tony said...

Or maybe, "If you like Two and a Half Men, you might also enjoy:
1) According to Jim
2) That Geico Caveman Show
3) Punching yourself in the crotch

Raquel said...

Amazon-zing! It can make decisions for you. Here's one... to date or not to date my ex guy's best friend!!! ALso I knew that was a freaking squirrel yesterday, very funny. I LOVED cannonball the day before though. YAY!

Jeff said...

Ha, Nice comments. Hey Tony, I got the book the day it came out, I still page through it on a weekly basis when I need a good laugh. Any updates on Book #2?