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Jul 6, 2008

Hate mail!

Here's a message I received from an anonymous reader, just as they wrote it:
"Do you really think “F-Minus” is funny or cleaver? Is this all the better you can do?"

Read it again. Have you noticed that people that hate share another trait?

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Arun said...

well we now know what grades they woulda got in english ;)

Jeff said...

"Man, your comics be strangest!!!" I've bet you've seen something like that too...(BTW that one line took me longer to think up than the rest of this comment.)

Also on another note:

HOORAY for Book #2!

Sabai said...

sounds like someone needs a little, "You're the best comic artist on the planet!" encouragement.

There you go.

Antonio said...

Can someone please pass the Hater-aid!