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Mar 11, 2008

Is your refrigerator running?

Here we see F Minus fan Wild Wilson showing off his new F Minus magnet. What, you didn't get one? You must not be a member of the F Minus Fan Club. That sucks.
If you did get your magnet, email me a photo of your refrigerator. I'll post mine too.

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Sabai said...

what is his magnet holding up? It's like a giant blow-up F-minus comic!

Tony said...

That's a F Minus print. It was the F Minus Day gift from last year.

Nathan said...

I totally forgot to send a post card...crap!

carolyn said...

Got the magnet, F-Minus book & the mousepad, and wouldn't you know it, someone in my office named Allen stole the mousepad and is using it for his computer! Grrr--I'm gonna get even with him!