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Mar 4, 2008

Big Hat Barry Wrap-Up

Well, it's over. As we all saw last week, Barry passed away when his big hat filled with water in the bathtub and he was unable to escape. And then yesterday there was a follow-up comic that revealed his final destination.
I would say the public reaction thus far has been quiet mourning. Or possibly denial. The important thing is that F Minus has taken its place in the history books with one of the most important, touching, tear-jerking, poignant comic strip character deaths of all time.

Maybe next week I'll kill the Creepy Old Hobo. He's kinda hard to draw.

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alirara said...

Please don't I love Creepy Old Hobo! And the hard work always pays off right?

Tony said...

Don't worry, I would never kill the Hobo. I'd hurt him, but not kill him.

Nathan said...

Ha, I enjoyed the build up to Barry's death... even more so, the follow up with Barry in heaven.

Then you had to say you'd kill the hobo and I thought, "You better not or I'll kill you!"
ha... a bit dramatic, but it's good to know you won't

Lucas Turnbloom said...

Hurt him! Hurt him something awful!!
Whew, sorry about that. Got into my Beavis mode.