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Aug 18, 2007

Friend O' Feminists

Check out this blog that identifies F Minus as a feminist ally. This is great news considering I've been labeled sexist against BOTH genders at one time or another. I don't discriminate based on sex, race, or religion. The truth is, jerks come in all kinds. (note: I think this blog is positive towards F Minus. It's a little hard to tell. What do you think?)

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Prophet of Pwnage said...

I'd say it's positive, but she's also overanalyzing a bit.

Mike said...

Wow! and to think I thought it was funny because it had underwear in it! Now I see that this comic is really a commentary on societies push for women to fill the "male gaze," condeming the world's view that all women should look the same... wow... im burning my bra as we speak...

chezwyk said...

I use butt-firming cream every F-ing night. And you know what? I'M A MAN.

But, truth be told: I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. So make of that what you will :\