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Mar 26, 2013

F Minus Nominated for NCS Award

F Minus has been nominated for a National Cartoonist Society Award in the Newspaper Panel category! This is for comics published during 2012. The winners will be announced Saturday May 25th at the Reuben Awards dinner. 

Take a trip down Memory Boulevard with this sample of F Minus comics from 2012: (There's a major pileup on Memory Lane, gonna take hours to clear, use Memory Frontage Road if necessary)

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Eric Olsen said...

Huge congratulations, Tony! It's days like this that help me feel the world's not completely crazy. The cream will eventually rise to the top!


congrats, it's nice to read some i haven't seen. wish i could buy one of your books. if you want a Tony Alma original painting as a trade? anywho, great work as always...