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Jan 14, 2011

F-ART: The Art of F Minus

Sometimes when people hear I'm a cartoonist I get the question, "Do you also do any real art?" I used to do a lot of "real art" in college, but after I graduated I focused on doing the comic and learning the harmonica.

Turns out the harmonica is really hard, so I gave it up and got back on the art train. Showing now at Gold Bar Espresso is my first art show in years. I call it F-ART: The Art of F Minus. F Minus comics re-imagined in a "real art" style.

There are four pieces showing for the next few weeks. I've been told they have already made one baby cry.

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Chet said...

Well, it'll probably be some time before I make it to Arizona :( Mind posting them in a gallery online after the show?

Jonathan said...

Though I probably don't have the cash, are these F-Art-works available for purchase? I would LOVE to have that alligator hanging on my wall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony! Can you tell us what three other comics you've reimagined? Like everyone else, I'd really love to see them. Many thanks!


Tony said...

I also did a portrait of Unicarl, James "Bunny" Foo-Foo, and the Tyrannosaurus hiding behind the tree. I'll post them after the show.

Lucky said...

How long will the show be going? I'll be in the neighborhood on Valentine's weekend and would love to go deface one of your pieces. Deface means "to look at and admire", right?