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Sep 6, 2009


Nope, I don't know why comics.com has been down. I didn't realize it at first because I get a newspaper. It reminded me of this Doozies comic that came out a few days ago:
See kids? This is why it's always good to have the stairs, just in case.

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Robert Gidley said...

So are you allowed to post the comics we're missing here? You're one of my regular reads through my e-mail from Comics.Com (even back when it cost me money!).

Robert Gidley said...

Okay, after two days without F-Minus, I had to figure out how to look at here. Turns out the comics are posted on Comics.com, you just need some serious Net-fu to look at them:

Saturday's F-Minus
Sunday's F-Minus

I especially liked the Sunday one. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how did you find those, Robert? I'm still without my Pearls Before Swine fix thanks to Comics.com's epic fail, plus Monday's F-Minus should be up by now as well.

TheBigLife said...

thanks for posting your comics, Tony. I JUST had to cancel my paper subscription and I'm jonesing enough as it is without getting my daily F- fix.

Robert Gidley said...

And the blackout continues.

Monday's F-Minus

Jeff said...

Where do you find the comics.com colored comics when the site is offline?

Also the Monday comic, it looked like your car Tony!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, f-minus has been removed from my newspaper. >:(