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Dec 17, 2007

Too much awesomeness for one year.

Nerd moment: If you need something to look forward to, 2008 will bring with it two of the most highly anticipated movies of the century. Granted, the century just got started, but still, the movies are gonna be great. Iron Man and the sequel to Batman Begins: The Dark Knight.

Edit: Check out this wonderful remix of the Batman trailer:

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avi said...

Don't forget that in the cartoon world, Pixar is going into science fiction!

Mike said...

And far more important is the return of "American Gladiators" to our evening television line up!


Nathan said...

righteous! RIGHTEOUS!
Ironman looks good...
but Batman looks AMAZING!!!!

Jeff said...

Both of these previews got me excited to see them. Hopefully 2008 brings in a new James Bond.